Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gettysburg Fall Family Fun

While it seemed like all I did for the last two weeks was glower at the computer and direct some colorful language its way, it's not true. To start with, Atlee's playing her first season of soccer.

A classic sign of the approaching autumn is the Gettysburg Heritage Festival. The festival is designed to celebrate and encourage diversity in our community. Lots of different food, music and activities for the kids. (As an aside, Atlee ate a hot dog and all three had ice cream. They didn't appreciate the opportunity to sample exotic food.) First, Atlee made a tissue paper windsock.

Then she looked at the reptiles and amphibians visiting from Strawberry Hill.

We moved onto the face painting. At first she declined. Then I pointed out she could have kitty whiskers. On her face. Kitty whiskers. She was quickly down with the plan.

Perhaps you were wondering if it was just Atlee. No, Shea and Greeley were along for the ride. Shea hid behind Greeley's stroller each time I tried to snap a shot of him. He relaxed his guard on the playground for a moment.
Can you see her kitty whiskers?

Greeley got a balloon. Well, each child received a balloon. Shea and Atlee requested uninflated balloons. The nice woman kept looking at them and then me. "Really? They want UNinflated balloons?"

It wasn't all partying. We've managed to work on the Mountain House too. Pictures soon. Pinky swear.


City Mouse said...

Something about a turtle in a bucket keeps making me giggle.

(Can't wait for the mountain house pics! Speaking of, I am so sick of looking a prefabs, I might expire from it.)

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see the Mountain House.

Better yet, Greeley in the Mt. House!!!

Or Shea holding Greeley in the Mt. house while Atlee puts her arm around her big brother. Yeah, that's what I wanna see!!!

So picky.

michael in dc said...

Pic of Atlee holding her hair back to be face-painted: So Many FRECKLES!! :)

Looks like you had spectacular weather. That's always nice.