Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gettysburg Family Goes to Camp

First, let me address the needs of those Google folks here looking for camping possibilities in the Gettysburg area- Campgrounds in Gettysburg, PA.

Now then, friends and family, we went to the camp in Maine. If you're operating on dial-up, I'm sorry. There are a lot of pictures. Shall we start with the view?

The camp in Maine is a leisurely pace sort of place. Relaxing in many, many ways. Games.

And puzzles. (And if you're Shea, lots and lots and lots of Cartoon Network on that sweet, sweet cable TV.)

And eating. Oh the eating. Atlee had strawberries with whipped cream for breakfast every morning I think. Well, Atlee had whipped cream. Cady the dog had the strawberries.

And there's lots of time to just sit on the porch.

Greeley and Cady the dog got along really well. Greeley is finally overcoming her fear of dogs. She also discovered that if you feed a dog whatever food is on your plate, that dog will be your friend. They bonded over hot dogs.

And of course, there was the lake.
I'm missing the lake today.

It's supposed to be ninety degrees, AGAIN.

Nope. No lake here. No paddle boats. Or row boats.

When I was a little girl, I thought everyone grew up on a lake. Or had a camp on a lake.
Stinkin' realty.

Back to the camp. There was work done too. Greeley helped by getting out all of the tools from the tool drawer. Very helpful.

Grandpa and Rich pulled a great big rock out of the ground to make room for the new laundry room expansion. Washer and dryer coming soon.

Enough work. Back to relaxing. Rich enjoyed sleeping out on the screened porch.

We'll finish up with a picture of the loons on the lake. Oh- you can't see them? They didn't like the paparazzi shots. And you might have heard my camera isn't so good. (Nikon? Hello? Do you get the hint? Please ship free camera WITH AWESOME TELEPHOTO LENS to me. I will give you credit on each and every photo I post. That's a chance to persuade up to fifteen readers a day. That's power.)

Atlee isn't the only one who wants to go back this time.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful - how relaxing - how tranqual (how I still can't spell!)! Everyone looked like that had a great time and all the kids are still alive. Whenever my family hit the road, it was determined that my brother and I would be at each other's throats within 2 hours of the car going into gear.

Maybe this is why we started to travel all night long.

When are you visiting the ADK's?

Is Rich's hair growing in nicely? I hope he did it for a bet!!!

Greeley - is she walking?
Atlee - I'd have strawberries ALL the time!
Shea - I saw him NOT playing video games - amazing!!

I'll work on email Nikon for you and SONY!

Gettysburg Mom said...

Hello there speedymac77 (if that's your real name...):

ADK trip is planned between 7/18-7/27 or so. Weekends are booked and mid-week is filling up... but we'll try to do some sort of Adk. visiting lunch perhaps...

Rich's hair is growing in. Recedeing (sp?) hairline & all...no bet... wanted a change. Better he change the hairstyle than wife I say...

Greeley walks intermittently... three steps & it's back to crawling...

Shea was attached to the cable tv daily until I told him he had to shut it off and go do something else...

Sabrina said...

IN credible, love the camp pictures and OMG what gorgeous children =) Thanks for sharing

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

I have never been to Maine but these pictures make me want to try and get there someday! It looks like you all had a great time!

Thanks for your visit to My Quiet Corner a couple of weeks ago and for the comment you left. Please know you are welcome back anytime! :-)

Martie said...

Great Shots! And a cute story!
Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of the summer!!

Stephanie said...

Great pictures! Such a cute family!

michael in dc said...

I was curious what the actual house looked like since the house out the windows in the picture of Rich sleeping appears to be brick. I picture less permanent structures.

When I got to the picture of Shea playing a game, I didn't really look at it and thought "Shea playing a game with grandpa" (your dad) and then I looked at it again and was oops! - that's not some old man, that's my (younger!) brother!