Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday...

Hello there Works for Me Wednesday Folks. For the few family members not here from Rocks in My Dryer, you should check it out for handy hints and ideas. So many handy hints and ideas. Anyhoo, this post is about making sure the kids say, "Thank You." when they receive a present. Are you ready? It's deviously obvious. Our kids don't get to play with the new toy until they tell the gift giver, "Thank You." They are downright eager to place that thank-you call. You can change this to suit your needs thank-you wise, of course. You could require a thank you note, colored picture, or email depending on the child. I know. I know. It seems so obvious. But it Works For Me. Have a great Wednesday!


Edi said...

Yep we do that too. It works! The kids are so eager to get working on their thank you notes after Xmas or a birthday or whatever.

I wish other folks thought of this too - glad you posted this.

There are some gifts I sent via mail to family/friends that I have never received a thank you let alone an acknowledgment that it arrived.

Sometimes when I've mailed something and a long time has passed w/out a thank you...I email to just say "hey wondering if you ever got the gift"...hoping that will spur them on to write a thank you.

Not giving gifts to get a thank you - but it's all part and parcel of gift giving.

This yr was the first time I did not send a relative a birthday present. A couple of gifts prior went unacknowledged - so I gave up. Just sent a card.

speedymac77 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! Blake, sharpen your pencils and crayons - Momma's got another rule! I love giving but when I love more is getting a lovely note in return - handwritten is preferred. My nephews are wonderful at this - actually, my sister is wonderful at getting them to write a note.

This has given me a great idea for you, Sue!! Since I work at a handy-dandy paper'll see!

Mandy said...

This is a fantastic idea, we're starting it immediately! Thank you!:)

Laane said...

We've always done the same.
Works great!!

You can find my tip at:

Laane on the World

Have a great week and an amazing spring!!!

jen said...

Seriously, that IS so obvious, but we have not done that! Gonna start NOW!

Dawn said...

That is a great idea. We always send thank-you notes, but sometimes they are a little late so this would speed up the process.