Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Signs of Spring... with bonus baby footage

Hello there. I understand that many of our friends and family up North feel like Spring may never get here. I offer hope! Spring-like things are happening down here around the Mason-Dixon Line. First we have all sorts of soon-to-be tulips. The kids and I planted them last fall. Atlee checks on them almost daily.

These are soon-to-be daffodils, I believe. I did not plant these. I owe these to Rich's Mom. I say thank you to her a lot for a whole bunch of different stuff, including these flowers.

Next we have budding trees. Once, in the midst of an Adirondack winter, my friend Gretchen and I were driving around talking about whatever. She said something about tree leaves. I can remember staring at her blankly and looking out the car window at the trees. Then I realized trees sometimes have leaves. It had been so long, I had actually forgotten TREES HAVE LEAVES. Adirondack winters are long.

As promised, bonus baby pictures. Saturday, before the party, Michael had Atlee giving Greeley Horsie Rides. Greeley was playing with Michael and Atlee and having a blast. After awhile though, she wanted to nurse. She had a tough time concentrating on the task though- because there were Michael and Atlee still playing and having fun. Nurse? Play? Nurse? Play? Oh the dilemmas a baby faces.

This? This is a movie of Greeley. It includes Greeley smiling, the jumping frog thing she does when she's excited and a bit of her scooting around style. Enjoy!


speedymac77 said...

OHHHH - LOVE!! I want to smooch Greeley! Blake does his own frog impression. He's on the move! He just started crawling Friday. Well, not really crawling but he can get places. Atlee looks like she enjoys being a horsie.

Where's #1?

speedymac77 said...

Spring...what's that? Is that between now and summer? We call it Mud Season.

I've heard of spring but not around here.

Gretchen said...

AWWWWWwwwww!! Loved watching the video! My hugs to all of you!! Gretchen (Aunt GG)

michael in dc said...

I cannot say why but I was deeply touched by the idea of you thanking my mother for things. I suppose because it is, in some ways, a great leap of faith.* Brought tears to my eyes.

(*In the sense of "having a connection with someone you never knew.")