Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Only Pictures that Have Kids In Them...

So, we're back from vacation. It was good. Even the eleven hour drive wasn't so bad. Well, I don't want to jump in the car and drive another eleven hours tomorrow just for fun or anything... but in the overall scheme of things it wasn't bad. We saw...
It had lots and lots of fish.
We also went to Alligator Adventure. Lots of reptiles.

Did you notice Atlee's haircut? Life is soooooooo much easier.

I think these were all the pictures that had our kids in them. My husband loves to take pictures of what we see, but the kids never seem to end up in them. But the octopus at Ripley's? Him? I've got fifteen pictures of him...


Anonymous said...

Where's #3?? Is Greeley crawling yet? My hubby's takes pictures of nothing but me. Me looking at this or me eating that. But now we have child, there are NO pics of me with child besides the one in the hospital post-birth.

Happy you had a great time at the beach!! This morning -9 degrees. It snowed yesterday. I'm moving south!!!

Gettysburg Mom said...

There aren't really pics. of Greeley- she was attached to me in the carrier for all field trips... she started crawling w/ belly up off the floor just two day ago- she also started pulling herself to a standing position.

Again, thank you Rich for moving me out of the arctic tundra.Folks around here don't know what a black fly is either!

michael in dc said...

1) Rich inherited that picture-taking style from his father.
2) That picture with the sign is a good future "which child?" picture. I couldn't figure out who it was because it looked like Shea (based primarily on the haircut, even though he hasn't looked like that in a year) but I figured he would be taller than that. (Actually, since you can't tell how tall that sign is, I couldn't believe Atlee was taller than it was.)

michael in dc said...

What? There are no pictures of Greeley wrapped in the octopuses tentacles, flat up against the glass?

AdkJen said...

See, we still live in upstate NY and I still miss the Adirondacks! We've got some foothills, but it's not the same!
We also got a layer of snow that covered the already three feet of residual hard icy packed stuff that even I can walk on without falling through... Made it look very pretty at least! Only a twenty minute drive south to Saratoga, and the bulbs are peeking through and there's no snow. What's up with that?
I usually say I don't mind the cold either, but -9 degrees?! How easily I forget how *really* cold it gets for so much of the year in the Adk mts...
Ahh, but I still miss it! The slower way of life, the great people, the absolutely beautiful drives and scenery. I most miss being able to just park my car on the side of the road, jump out and swim WITH the kids and pups! Around here *everything* is fenced, or requires a lifeguard - and not one place can I bring my dogs without getting yelled at.
We also are grateful of where we live now - it only takes 15 minutes round trip to the market for that one forgotten item. We do NOT miss the one hour drive one way for just milk!
I do know the calendar says it is Spring. Cabin fever is beginning to settle in. I know that Spring is a'commin when I get that once a year urge to actually really clean my house!
I think this is as far south as we will ever live. The cold we can deal with. It's the hot hot Summers that kill us. After three years, Dan is just able to deal without spending the hottest part of the day lying on the bed with the door closed, A/C cranked, trying to get rid of the head and stomach aches from the heat(!).

And regarding the lack of black flies in PA - I take it there's no amusing team names called "The Black Flies" there then, eh? And is that something you can miss? I think not! :P

Gettysburg Mom said...

we're in a development where we can't have a fence- but it's still kind of odd... as I mentioned once, I never wanted a fence- but you know when someone tells me I can't have one- I kinda want one. I won't gloat too much about the weather around here come summer. Come summer, I'm heading north to crash on all of your couches with my brood. (See how realistic I am? I know we need more than one couch to crash on these days...)

Anonymous said...

Why I love the ADKS:

1. Spring? Who needs spring when we have Mud Season
2. The scenery
3. Fresh air
4. Traffic means a slower car ahead of you.
5. Options? We don't need options! Spaghetti and burgers everyday!
6. Neighbors are trees.
7. No poisoness snakes, bugs or beasts.
8. LOTS of land and lakes to do whatever.
9. You only need AC for a week in August.
10. Alcohol is in the daily diet.