Saturday, February 4, 2012

Recent Updates

January 24
Em status: 3 stores and he was by and large charming to be with. The kind of charming that made me thankful my tubes are tied or I'd end up on "Hoarders: People Collecting People."

January 27
If I'm found in a diabetic coma in the next day or so, you may want to mention the cinnamon hearts to the doctors. K? Thx.

January 31
Shea's on day 4 of stomach flu.

February 3
Em unplugged the bedroom cable box today for the first time in quite a while and now the guide doesn't work. Har-rumph.

My whole bed was just shaking. I thought: Earthquake! No, Wilson is leaning against the bed while panting. No earthquake.

Em just dumped sprinkles all over the cabinet and counter. This afternoon I took the whipped cream away. He doesn't know how to work the nozzle so I think he's just doing whippets pretty much.

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