Friday, August 19, 2011

Greeleyisms (courtesy of Uncle Michael)

[While spinning naked in the living room] "I'm on spin dry!"

G: "Uncle Michael, will you dig me a hole?"
UM: "Ok. What are we digging a hole for?"
G: "To see if we can get to lava!"
[I start texting this to everyone]
G: "Can we get back to digging the hole now?"

[Mom and Dad had gone to a wedding.]
G: "When will you get married?"
UM: "I don't know."
G: "Maybe on your birthday!"
UM: "OoKay. What if I never get married?"
G: (thinks for a moment) "I guess I'll still like you."

G: "Hold my lipstick, por favor."*

*I would have guessed that's what she was saying if I thought she knew those words! I asked her what they meant and she shrugged with her palms up and her eyes rolled up to the ceiling and said: "It's Spanish for "please!" (like: "I can't help what I know, Uncle Michael!")

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Monique said...

Hee hee hee...
Yippee, Greeley, you tell 'um.