Thursday, March 24, 2011

I think I just got called out on Facebook.

Judi mentioned maybe I wasn't blogging anymore on Facebook. Combined with Uncle Michael's demand for a new post, it seemed time. Although I have to type all of this with my left hand because of my maimed right hand. It's a good thing I'm not a righty. Oh, wait- I am. Well, at least I don't have cause to wash my hands ninety million times a day. Oh wait- I do. So, aside from my new love of Vaseline, what else is going on?


Only Greeley could look grumpy while eating bacon.

And ice cream push pops. Look! I added another kid! Just kidding. It's Greeley's BFF Petey.

My house looks almost presentable up there. Let's change the angle, shall we?

Closer to the truth there.

What else? Miss Atlee had a birthday a while ago- so we sent cupcakes to school. Cupcakes with Peeps!

And then just a random shot of Greeley eating a bag of frosting. With green kitty whiskers.

Now excuse me while I go cuddle with my jar of Vaseline.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

cupcakes with Peeps? I think my brain just exploded with the idea of all of that sugar...

Also, you should see my floor. Heh. I think the carpet used to be light beige...

Anonymous said...

:D I didn't mean to call you out. Just wondering since I abandoned my blog...just wondering who else is following in my footsteps.

I too LOVE the idea of peep cup cakes! You are the coolest mom, ever!! Even with one hand!!! 4 kids, one hand - I give all the accolades to you, lady!

Sending you snow and love - Judi

Gettysburg Mom said...

I'll take the love. Keep your snow.

ifbyyes said...

Would cortisone cream help?

The cupcakes are awesome!

Wombat Central said...

Oh my. You poor thing. I had what sounds like that description of your hand after I gave birth to my Girly. I had that PUPPs (?) rash at the end of my pregnancy, so I thought these awful itchy blisters on my hands and feet were some continuation of that evil. Now I'm thinking it was what you have. And this excerpt from the info page:

"Do not scratch the blisters."

is insane. I wanted to claw off my skin. I'm hoping yours isn't that bad. If it is, run, don't walk to the dermatologist for a cortisone shot. It was better in a day.

Also, Peeps cupcakes look AWESOME!

Monique said...

Thanks for the new post and fun picture update!

I wish you success very soon with your rash thing. Geez, that's been a while now, no?

Happy 10th!

Uncle Michael in DC said...

Cupcakes with Peeps?! Awesome! You're, like, Mother of the Year with that one!

Is it my imagination or has Greeley been replaced in that first picture by a frumpy English woman? :)

Uncle Michael in DC said...

Oooooo, what's the "coal tar treatment?" I wanna see that!