Saturday, July 10, 2010

What? It doesn't look like Maine?

Maine was awesome. The lack of batteries for my camera? Not so awesome. We're now dependent on my parents sending us pictures.

But in the mean time, I do have 3rd birthday pictures.

Cupcakes! Blue cupcakes with little pearls like Olivia the PBS pig wears!

And presents in pink packages!

She had her trusty team of assistants- also known as her sister and bestest neighbor Petey.

Accessories were the gift of choice this year.

I love the smiling Atlee in the back ground.

Did you know my kids have blue eyes?

Greeley didn't tell us what her wish was.

Perhaps it was a wish for a blue cupcake?

(Thank you all for your kind thoughts about Booth.* I'm kind of in a holding pattern while I figure out the possibilities for a future canine companion. But, rest assured, there will be a dog. There will be a dog.

*Coming back from Maine, we stopped at a fast food restaurant. While Rich, Shea and Atlee got our food, Greeley, Emerson and I were finding a seat. I suggested a booth in the shade and Greeley looked up at me and said, "But will he growl at me?" I was confused for fifteen seconds.)


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Ohhhh... that's so sad. The last part. And the batteries. I hate missing pictures.

Happy Birthday indeed! I want some cupcakes!

sheila said...

Your kids are beautiful! And big beautiful blue eyes!

Brigitte said...

Those immense blue eyes are even more beautiful than those scrumptious blue cupcakes. It surely looked like a happy birthday, too.

spokeit said...

Do you want me to try and reverse Benny's vasectomy? You can have the pick of his first litter!

And how cute is she in those accessories??

michael in dc said...

Is there NO civilization in Maine? Y'know, like a STORE?? "I don't know anything about your 'batteries'; I'm just a CAVEMAN..." :)

Today's password is: chionc - which makes me think "chronic", esp since it's in a green font.

Wombat Central said...

I'm on cuteness overload over here. And save me one of those fab cupcakes, will ya?