Saturday, July 17, 2010

On The Road Again.

This? This is not the actual dog we adopted today. But this was a yellow lab at the SPCA in York. And we did adopt a yellow lab at the SPCA in York. But, sadly, we don't get to bring him home until next week. Or later this week. Er, they'll call us.

Yellow lab haiku,
Still a wide, open market.
Hopefully, growl free.


Carol said...

Growl test is easy enough - go up to him in a big gorilla mask or similar freaky hallowe'en costume with a noisemaker. If you loom over him and roar and shake the noisemaker, he will either

a) freak him out and make him growl, which means he is not well socialized and responds with aggression when he is afraid

b) freak him out and make him back off fearfully which means he is not well socialized but prefer flight to fight

c) wag his tail and lick your face.

A is the worst, C is the best. B is acceptable.

Wombat Central said...

I like Carol's growl test. My dog would wag and lick and think we're idiots.

They must screen really well, though, don't they? I can't imagine they'd pair you up with a goggy that didn't like kids. That one in the pic is gorgeous. I should have my mom go get him. She's close to York!

Gettysburg Mom said...

@Wombat- He was gone when we got there. But the one we got seems really nice. They do some tests, but I'm not sure which.

@Carol- You and my friend, Et, convinced me to go SPCA this time.

This dog seemed well mannered and quiet and playful and affectionate. I'm sure he has many faults and I look forward to discovering them- as long as they aren't growling at my children.

Katrina said...

Happy to hear you may have another addition to your family. I will keep you all in my prayers that it works out this time.

Monique said...

What nice news.

I'll keep my fingers crossed the the new lab is a child friendly one. Have you named him? Or, does he come with a name?

The security word I'm looking at now is Spoodi... might make a good dog name, or not.

Looking forward to more news on... Blondo.

By the way, I loved the photos on the blue cupcakes, Greeley's birthday post. Been busy and just read it now. Emerson has changed since his last phots! What an adorable child. You and Rich do make remarkably adorable, sweet children. Hope so belated July 4th get away phtos will appear one day...