Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That was a week?

The last week went flying by. In the last week:

Sleeping Beauty moved into our house. Sleeping Beauty gets outraged if you dare to call her Greeley.

Sometimes she really is Sleeping Beauty. If Sleeping Beauty were to pass out with a death clutch on her lolly pop.

Perhaps you're wondering what Atlee's been up to? Working in the kitchen. Yes, she knows how to use a sharp knife to help prep for dinner. No, she does not know how to use a wash cloth to wipe the hot cocoa off her face.

Emerson doesn't work.

He mostly supervises.

Now then. I need to go undecorate that Christmas tree before it's February.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like he's very pleased with the way the girls are doing things in that last photo! You stay on 'em, E!

Patioboater said...

Keep the Christmas tree up. Ours is still going to be up until next weekend, and we don't want to be the last ones to take it down.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Those clothes. Those. My heart tugs...it's the Polo red and blue striped one. I can't believe they would fit another baby as well as they did mine. But, Em is SO.DAMN.CUTE. My heart just melted.

ok, other comments: Atlee, tomatoes of course! Awesome helper you have there!

Greeley/Sleeping Beauty - you are certainly a beauty!!

May I assume Shea is too busy with school work for a photo op?

michael in dc said...

1. Greeley looked strange to me in that first picture and I couldn't figure out why until I realized her hair was straight and/or laying down. Or you (or she) cut her bangs again.

2. Maybe when Atlee has chocolate face you should start calling her "Ernesto" because she looks like she has a goatee.

3. I couldn't figure out why Emerson looked so far away in that first photo but then it hit me: the floor is clean!

P.S. When are you going to change the header?? It's been up there since summer! C'mon, lady, get those creative cells crackin! (Maybe you could change it to: "Did you hear I almost died?") :)

Monique said...

What a busy household.
Thanks for the photos, they're great. And, it looks as if Emerson is fitting in nicely!

Michael, I like your suggestion that Susan put up anohter header but, does it have to be that scary phrase, "Did you hear I almost died?" Too scary and I'd rather not be reminded of it. Something more upbeat, please!

michael in dc said...

Monique: How about a picture of Emerson with "The supervisor is watching."

Maybe we should have a contest!

Katrina said...

I cant believe how big Emerson is getting already. Hope you are feelings better. Is life finally getting a little more normal? We still have Christmas lights up and some decorations. The inside is back to "normal". Oh, by the way, Jenn has moved out. She moved in to an apartment over by Jackson Heights school with her "boyfriend". As you know, never a dull moment around here. Love you sis!

sheila said...

OMG the baby is getting so big!