Saturday, January 2, 2010

Did You Hear I Almost Died?

My friend, Amy, says I should repeat that phrase a lot (read: milk it) now while I can- because in just weeks Rich is likely to say in response, "That was last month. Now, go do the dishes or laundry or something."

So, instead of laundry, I decided to post some of the pictures my brother-in-law, Michael, took last month. Luckily for us, Michael had come to help when Emerson was born. Thank God he was here when I ALMOST DIED because if it had just been Rich, I might have come home from the hospital to just three kids. So thank you again Michael for helping with four children and taking great pictures of them all!

Now then- those photos. They're in kind of backwards order because I forgot (it's been so long since I posted!) you have to load them all wacky backwards like on Blogger.

Forward ho!

Sleeping Emerson picture. Why 90% of you are here.

Nursing Emerson picture. Take that Facebook.

Atlee harvested her second crop of hair for Locks of Love.

My younger sister, Jamie, and I hung out and nursed babies. Those Magee girls are crazy, yo. See my recliner? I lived in it for two months.

Atlee enjoyed some ice cream with a snow leopard-while wearing tiger ears, and a leopard jacket .

We had breakfast with Santa. (All you can eat bacon!) Greeley was not down with sitting in Santa's lap, so no picture of that.

Greeley wiped out twice in one week resulting in a lovely fat lip. No, really- She walked into a door- or a dock.

Handsome Corwin kitty hanging in the girls' bed.

Rich managed to keep Stu the Rabbit (nee Fuzzy) alive while I was hospitalized. That's four kids, two cats and one rabbit.

And the girls slept together.

Stay tuned. Michael took lots of photos while I was ALMOST DYING.


Patioboater said...

Hey, I heard you almost died. Was that so?

Regardless, that was last decade. It's now the 2010s, and we want you back to blogging apace, with none of these weak excuses like "four kids, two cats, and a rabbit" or "I almost died." (Thank goodness Michael was there to take way cute photos while you were slacking off in the hospital.)

Monique said...

Happy New Year!
To continued recovering!
Thanks for the pictures!

[Michael, you take great photos, and I know, I know, the materail you were working with is good but, still, nice shots!]

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Well, shit, yes, I HEARD that you ALMOST DIED but is that really any excuse for such a lapse in pictures and posts on your blog? Hmmm? No. No, it is not, Missy. The fact that you ALMOST died means that you DIDN'T die and therefore owe us 3 more weeks worth of newborn pictures.

Get on that, would you?

speedymac77 said...

Thank you for being an amazing brother! And for taking these wonderful pictures. We all know Sue was living it up in bed, being fed, and watching all the History Channel should could. Let's not talk about all the pain killers she was given too.

I expect more pics! More pics of that wonderful boy!!


Ps - save those onsies...I think I've changed my mind. Shit. :)