Monday, May 6, 2013

A New Gettysburg Family Address for Summer, 2013

Hello there, friend of The Gettysburg Family!

This is kind of embarrassing, you see- but we've moved.

It's not that Blogspot wasn't a nice was! It was! It treated us well for many, many years. But you know how it goes. The Family gets a little bigger and your needs change and before you know it you need a new home.

So, we're ever so happy you stopped in to see us today. We hope you'll take a moment to follow us to our new home at We have a Summer of Adventure and Fun planned for 2013, and we hope you'll follow the Gettysburg Family's Travels this year.

The problem with new web sites is everyone is still clicking on the old site and Google sends all of your friends to the existing site with a record of lots of traffic. So, help me put the Gettysburg Family back in the number one position for Google results. Click on the new Gettysburg Family link and move us and the Gettysburg Family Guest House through the Google ranks to our rightful place at number one. Thank you for your help and support for the 2013 Gettysburg Family Summer of Fun!

We hope to see you around the Gettysburg Family Guest House.

-Gettysburg Mom,

Susan Magee Riordan

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