Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Night on The Porch

Daddy was cooking on the grill and the little people wanted to be a part of it. (July 13, 2012)

Zoe is not impressed. (Is she ever??)

 Emmy attempts to help unwind the table umbrella. Notice his excellent positioning.

 "If I can just wind this thing here..."

 "This should totally be working."

"I don't know why they always tell me not to touch stuff like this. It's not like I could fall and bring the whole thing down with me!" [snort!]

Now Greeley gets a turn with Daddy (although it seems Emmy does not approve of this).

"Where are the grill faeries, Daddy?""Does this work by magic??"

 Wilson: "Is there food around here? I had the distinct feeling there was food somewhere nearby."

 Wilson: "Maybe it's over here."
"If! Only! I! Could! Reach!"

-Uncle Michael

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