Sunday, July 22, 2012

An actual post by Gettysburg Mom.

   I apologize for not being around. But do you know what happened to me? Do you?
This sweet little baby?

He turned into this toddler that never, ever stops moving. You probably think I'm exaggerating. Unless you've visited with us lately. Then you've probably said something to me recently like, "Oh, wow, he really is an, um, active boy."

 So. That's kept me busy. You know what else has? We bought another house.


   Miss Greeley likes this side of the new digs.What's that? Our new house looks surprisingly like Newport's the Breakers? Huh. What an interesting coincidence.


OK. Fine. We didn't buy a new house. Rich spent May and June in Rhode Island working on his cousin's new beach house. No. His cousin didn't buy The Breakers either.

We did go to visit Rich for Mother's Day back in May. In addition to visiting the above beautiful estate, we went to the lesser known Green Animals Topiary Garden.

I love this photo. Atlee looks scandalized by that poppy. It's orange! How indecent!

Greeley with a less than cuddly teddy bear.

Rich poses with all the kids. We're thinking it'll only be another year or two before Shea is as tall as Rich, if not taller.

Another photo of Rich and the kids. See how he's smiling? It's because he hadn't actually seen the kids in a few weeks. He kept laughing at all of my horror stories about Emerson while he was gone. "Emerson turned on the hose and sprayed you down from head to toe while you tried to shut it off? Hilarious!"

Rich's cousin's new beach house involved a beach. This beach.

The Gettysburg Family boys at the beach.

And lastly Rich holding Gree's hand at the beach.

It reminds me of this picture from three years ago at Uncle John's beach house in Cape May.

Alright then. I'm off to see what Emerson has broken while I was doing this.