Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Doings.

We started off the Easter Weekend with plans for The Third Annual Dying of Easter Eggs at Amy's House. But I needed a little something-something to put my in a happy place for the visit this year.

You know what puts me in a happy place? Spring cuppycakes.

Know why I needed that little extra something? Amy went and got herself a new pet. What's that you say? Gettysburg Mom- you love animals! What's the problem?

This was the problem:

You probably can't even tell. It's a tarantula. It's actually two baby tarantulas. Thank goodness I brought happy spring cuppycakes. And that my love for Amy is so strong it can even overcome our arachnid differences.

Rich helped Emerson with the egg dying.

Greeley-leopard loved every moment of it.

Emerson enjoyed the splashing part.

Atlee was very focused. She always ends up doing like four eggs compared to all of the other kids' dozen eggs because she is so particular about every step.

All the kids enjoyed it. Except Shea. He opted out.

In other news, Atlee lost her second front tooth on Saturday night.

Sunday morning brought baskets. Well, planters to be exact.

And rounding out this week's shots is an Emerson in a diaper. A diaper I duct taped onto him after the third time he removed it in five minutes.

Hope you all had chocolate bunny ears to eat!


Anonymous said...

YAY for Easter!!

I'm with you - spiders; NO WAY! I've considered buying one of those vacuum-bug-things for those spiders that appear when hub isn't around. Which is all the time. I swear they know when the door shuts and they crawl out and want to jump on my shoulder and casually say, "hi" but it an't going to happen. Amy's spiders are hairy too. EWWW!!!

Hurray for duct tape, Easter pots and a wonderful family. :D


Wombat Central said...

Mmm. Those bird's nest cuppy cakes look yummy! And I could tell that was a tarantula. *shudders*

Anonymous said...

One of those pictures looks delicious. Am I talking about the cookies, or the tarantulas? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW.

Patioboater said...

Yay, Easter cuppycakes!

I'm not nearly the arachnaphobe that you are, Susan, but as somebody who lived in an area of California with tarantulas, I can assure you that a tarantula is not a pet. A tarantula is why you call the exterminator.

Gettysburg Mom said...

Can I tell you how many times I want to "Facebook LIKE" one of your comments? You all make me smile. :D

Katrina said...

Dad would be so proud of the duck tape. He taught us well. Glad you had a good Easter.

Uncle Michael in DC said...

Who is the little Dutch girl in the pictures? The one with the short brown hair?