Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crab Shack and Halloween: or yes, I'm still here...

Yes, yes, yes. I'm still here. I'm one of those pregnant ladies that is awesome at what used to be called false labor. That's the one where you have nice contractions four or five minutes apart for hours on end, and then they stop. However, seeing as Monday is the actual due date, I'm thinking there will be a baby sometime in the next week.

In the mean time, remember when I said you'd all be pleasantly surprised if I posted anything? See? Aren't you pleasantly surprised.

A few weeks ago, our neighbors, John and Deb, treated us to dinner at a local crab restaurant, Dave and Jane's. I'd offer the link, but it's not working today. Anywho, there were all you can eat crabs and Rich was mighty, mighty excited.

Atlee discovered there was also fried chicken to be had.

And of course, the crabs.

Greeley thought the mallets were pretty nifty.

Shea mostly wished he'd brought his DS. He didn't realize adults could eat crabs for two hours.

And last Saturday as you may recall was Halloween. Rich and his friend, Travis, took our kids and Amy's two around the neighborhood. When they got home, there was the traditional candy trade. Trinity ended up with like six Milky Ways, so she was pretty psyched.

Happy belated Halloween! If you don't hear anything for the next few days, it either means Emerson is finally here or that I just didn't feel like posting.


Brigitte said...

Hang in, Susan, apparently Emerson has had 2nd thoughts about leaving the cozy, warm place just yet.
Best of good wishes for both of you.

Monique said...

Thanks for the news and the photos. Gosh, those little ones are too cute. The last picture of the whole trick-or-treating gang is really somehting.

Greeley's new, shorter hair style suits her.

Thinking of you and wishing you... energy, Susan.

Monique said...

Welcome Emerson!

Congratulations Riordans!

Well done, Susan.
Rest well, honey.

Henry.and.Malcolm said...

Congratulations from Paris and the Paret-Darnays. Can't wait to see his sweet baby face, but we're probably going to have to, right?....

Anonymous said...

Just lovely!! Love Halloween and the candy swap!

Congrats on Emerson! What a doll!