Friday, September 18, 2009

Haiku Battles.

For those of you not paying attention, there is a haiku throw-down going on. A battle of breeds on Patio Boater's site that has been wondrously entertaining. As I have no canine of my own, I offer up a few Gettysburg Family animal haikus.

In the realm of rabbits, I offer:

Acorn the Rabbit,
Lives caged on Atlee's dresser.
Vicious teeth that bite.

In the realm of cats, I offer:

Corwin chases Zoe.
Zoe hisses her response,
wishes he was gone.

The beagle haiku market has been pretty soundly cornered. It looks like the black lab haiku market is rapidly shrinking. I've got high hopes for the dual rabbit and feline markets. Now go look at Patio Boater's last several posts, including comments.


Monique said...

While walking Katie the other day I picked up a handful of pretty little acorns that had just fallen. We have a picture frame on the corners of which are acorns and one fell off so, I was thinking, I'll fix it. Of course, those little acorns now sit on the bookshelf by the door.

So, the other morning on his way out, John spots them and says, "Monique, I didn't realize you were studying tax evasion."

Your rabbit's name reminded me... and I thought you'd appreciate that one.

Arsen Darnay said...

Timidly, I see, you're sticking your big toe into the waters of Haiku. Beware! Or I should say Rejoyce. Rabbits are my favorites. It's high time they had their say about such like creatures of aggression as beagles.

Patioboater said...

Haiku for rabbits?
Katie the Beagle says they
Only merit chasing.