Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Road Trip of Summer

And oh what a summer it has been. We hit the road for our last trip of the summer last Thursday. We had a whirlwind tour of New York State planned, and it all started in Syracuse. Are you ready for an inconsistent photo journey? I took odd pictures this vacation.

We visited our good friends Brandi and Ash. Greeley helped make dinner.

Brandi and Ash got a new dog, Maddie, in the last year, and every now and then through the evening she looked a lot like my Mom's old dog, Cassidy. I kept hoping I could capture the very Cassidyness of the dog, but it didn't happen. So much for the plan where in a year I slip the Maddie-dog to Mom and take the Cady-dog off her hands.

On Friday, we drove east to Glens Falls and had dinner at Mom and Dad's. A lot of family was in town because we were having a family reunion outside of Chestertown on Saturday. It was everything a family reunion should be. There was a swimming pool and oodles of noodles.

There were kids games- including (gasp!!) fishing in a bucket of WATER. Greeley and Atlee were in heaven.

And there was live music. My brother Mike's band, Nom de Plume, played for a lively crowd. I would offer a link to the band, but I can't seem to find one on the internet after five minutes of looking. So this is where we'll check to see if Mike regularly reads the blog and can provide his own link.

On Monday we went north to Wilmington. We had dinner with our former neighbors. See Sam on the left? When we first met Sam he was like 11 years old. He was our first babysitter. Now he's a sophomore in college.

When you have dinner with your former neighbors you get to see your former house.

On Tuesday, we spent the day with Judi. I have no pictures to show. I'll provide a link to her website, Lost in the Trees- even though she hasn't posted anything new in four months.

Moving on... on Tuesday evening we went and had dinner with Kelly and Phil. Kelly showed Atlee her garden. They picked some peas.

Atlee then ate A LOT of peas. A whole lot of peas.

After dinner, the kids played with their Wii. Shea tries Guitar Hero for the first time.

And Atlee tried out the Wii Fit action.

And we'll wrap up this post with a picture of the kids on the beach the week before.
School starts on Wednesday. I better get in position early to get my papparazzi stalker style pictures of Shea on the first day. It also means my access to the computer should become a bit easier and my commenting and posting will increase.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

YAY on the commenting and posting more. Unfortunately, I may be doing LESS because of school!

No. I will NOT let that happen.


How are you feeling?

sheila said...

Sounds like a jam packed full of fun time! And fishing in a bucket of water, my gosh how fun!

Patioboater said...

Today must've been National "catching up with photos from last week's travels" Day.

Here's a quick link to more photos of Riordan children at the Magee family reunion. Those of you who look closely may even find a link to some online music from Nom de Plume:

Michael Magee said...

Our website is about as bare bones as it can be at the moment. It's pretty much a picture of the cover of our last album and a link to purchase the album from CD Baby.

The album "Ashes for Argyle" is also available from iTunes and

The Yahoo link that John provided has our album Ashes to Argyle, but it also has an Album "Songs for Longing" by an artist Sara Genn who we had to fire up the lawyers for because she was using our name. She changed it, but trying to undo music distribution on the web is near impossible once it has happened. "Songs for Longing" is actually a very nice album, but it isn't ours.

michael in dc said...

Where was the beach picture from? Lake Meade?

Atlee looks so cute holding her lock of hair out of her face.

Were you afraid to get any closer to your old house? I see more trees than house in that picture. :)

michael in dc said...

Was looking at the reunion photos - whose place was that? A pool, a huge lawn - it looked awesome!

Are Atlee and Greeley in the group picture? I'm pretty sure I see your head in the back center right. Is that Rich and Greeley sitting in front? I see Shea, where's Atlee?

What did Rich do to his arm?

Gettysburg Mom said...

Michael's long overdue answers:

1- the beach pictures were at Cunningham State Park in MD. Nice little beach, about a twenty minute drive from here.

2- I was afraid to get closer to my house. I was afraid the new owners would think I was a crazy stalker. Worse, he might recognize me and start to complain about the river in the basement in the spring. The house was in the direct watershed of Whiteface Mtn. to the AuSable River.

3- The reunion was at my Aunt and Uncle's house. The house was huge to begin with and then they added on a mother-in-law suite. It was a perfect location for a reunion.

4- The kids are in the pictures. I think they're on either side of Rich.

5- Rich's tendenitis (butchered spelling, but I'm too lazy to spell check right now.) was bothering him, so he wore the sling to remind himself not to use it while on vacation. Fortunately, it didn't impede his consumption of clams. Or beer.